What do we do?

We provide the most optimal treatment with most compassion. We understand the value of life and the emotions attached to a person's family and this is why we try to take away all the overheads from the patients and their families.

We ensure a smooth transition to an ailment-free, healthy life.

Our Services
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Treatment Consultation






Post Treatment Care

Day or night, we are always ready to provide the best healthcare services to our patients!

We are just a phone call, chat, or an email away!

Visa Assistance



We help in arranging medical VISA by writing a letter to the India High Commission in the patient's country. We take care of the paperwork for our patients.

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Pickup & Drop



We provide pickup and drop facilities to our patients traveling from abroad. This is to make sure that they don't feel overwhelmed by entering a new country.

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Sim Card & Mobile



We provide SIM cards, mobile, and currency exchange facilities to our traveling patients. We have in-house currency exchange services available.

Outdoors Meeting

Translator & Interpreter Services



Language can be a major issue for our patients. To avoid any language barriers, we have regional translators in languages like Arabic, Afghani, Persian, French,

Iraqi, Bangladeshi & Russian

Team Meeting

Relationship Manager



Upon arrival, a dedicated team of an RM, Interpreter, or a coordinator is assigned to the patient

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Local Sightseeing



After treatment, if the patient and the family wish to visit historic or

tourist places in India, we got that covered